Altar Servers

The Ministry of Server at St. Augustine Parish is open to all members of the parish who have received their First Communion. Both boys and girls, and men and women are welcome in this liturgical ministry. Servers assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy. They participate in the processions and throughout the liturgy performing their duties in a way that adds to the dignity and reverence of the sacred celebration. Training for this ministry is carried out on an individual basis and servers attend the Mass of their choice but are welcome to serve at any of the Sunday liturgies, at Christmas and the Paschal Triduum. If you wish to become part of this ministry or would like more information please call the Office at 613-225-7388 or email:

Baptism Preparation

Baptism preparation is a ministry of service to parents who are preparing for the baptism of their child. This is in many ways a ministry of evangelization and welcoming. Those who prepare the parents meet with them to explain the nature and importance of this first sacrament, the responsibility they are undertaking in having their child baptized, and help them choose a date for the sacramental celebration. Members of this ministry participate at the celebration of baptism on behalf of the parish community into which the child is being welcomed. This ministry is in need of members. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information please call the Office at 613-225-7388 or email:

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children's Liturgy is provided by adult Ministers of the Word for younger children who may not understand the language and meaning of the scripture readings for Mass. Children's Liturgy is not a baby-sitting service; it is a genuine expression of our common worship where the children participate in the Liturgy of the Word in a way that is meaningful to them. It takes place in an environment that is suited to children. Their Liturgy follows a similar structure to what is celebrated in the main assembly. Children's Liturgy, for children between ages 4 and 11, takes place during the 10:30 am Sunday Mass. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information, please contact the Office at 613-225-7388 or

Christian Initiation of Children (Sacramental Preparation)

Baptism is the first of the sacraments of initiation. Confirmation and Communion complete the process of initiation or welcome into full participation in the sacramental life of the Church. With these two sacraments and in order to better prepare for First Communion there is the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In preparation for these three sacraments, the members of this ministry gather with the children and their parents to provide an experience of the parish community as welcoming and supportive as they prepare for these sacraments. Through participation at Children's Liturgy, three workshops, DVD presentations, worksheets and workbooks, members of this ministry expand on the preparation the children receive in the Catholic school or they provide appropriate catechesis for those in public and private (non-Catholic) schools. In conjunction with the Catholic schools dates of the celebrations are coordinated with the teachers to ensure a joyful, family-parish-school celebration of these important sacraments. This ministry meets early in the pastoral year (i.e. September) to set the dates for the workshops and the celebrations of the sacraments. Meetings with the parents and children take place in the church and parish hall whether for a sacramental celebration or workshop. The Christian Initiation of Children is primarily the responsibility of parents. This ministry is directed to assisting parents in fulfilling this important responsibility. As well, it includes the parish community which is called to give witness to these children of the importance of the life of the parish community/family. If you feel called to this important work or would like more information contact the office or

Collection Counters

Collection counters work with the Finance Council to ensure that the Sunday and special collections are properly counted and deposited in the bank. Working in groups of two or more collection counters receive, sort, count, verify, and deposit the Sunday and special collections, following the guidelines, protocols, and policies of the Diocesan Administration Manual. Their role is to ensure that the money collected in the church is properly and in a timely manner deposited to the bank. The collections are counted at the church and deposited in the bank immediately after the counting is complete. If you would like more information concerning the Ministry please contact the Parish Office 613-225-7388 or email

Development and Peace Committee

The Development and Peace Committee is comprised of members of the parish who are passionate about the issues and concerns that affect the Global South. This committee works to awaken parishioners to the issues that adversely affect women, children and men in the developing nations of the world as well as in our own country. Working with the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, this committee addresses the issue on which the annual Share Lent campaign is focussed. This awareness, it is hoped, will produce a positive change in attitudes and actions as well as a generous response to the Share Lent collection which is used to alleviate poverty, inequality, and injustice. Development and Peace reminds people of the gospel's fundamental option for the poor and of our collective responsibility to work for the rights and freedom of all peoples. If you would like to become part of this committee or would like more information please contact the Parish Office 613-225-7388 or email:

Eucharistic (Extraordinary) Ministers of Communion

Eucharistic ministers are men and women (ages 16 and over) who assist with the distribution of communion, both the body and the blood of Christ, at the Sunday and holy day liturgies. This ministry arose after the Second Vatican Council when the number of priests and deacons (the ordinary ministers of communion) grew fewer in number. As well as assisting with the distribution of communion the minister also ensures that the chalice and ciboria/patens are cleaned after the liturgy. If you feel called to this liturgical ministry or would like more information concerning please contact the Parish Office 613-225-7388 or email

Finance Council

The Finance Council is comprised of parishioners appointed by the Pastor to assist in the administration of the temporal goods of the Parish. The Finance Council, in cooperation with the Pastor, oversees the temporal affairs and goods of the parish, ensuring the Policies set out in the Diocesan Administration Manual are being followed. The Finance Council prepares and approves the annual budget as well as the annual financial statement and presents these to the parish. The Finance Council submits the annual financial report to the Archdiocese. The Finance Council meets quarterly from September to June. Meetings are usually held in the Board Room in the Parish Office. If you have knowledge and experience in financial administration and would like to be part of this Council or would like more information contact the office or


Greeters are members of the parish with a gift of welcome and hospitality. Whether it is to a Sunday liturgy, a parish workshop, or a social event, greeters are there to help everyone feel that they belong. Greeters help people connect with the community and other individuals and families so that they feel they are part of what is taking place whether in the church or in the church hall. Greeters provide information, introductions, and invitations to participate fully in the life of our parish community. Currently there are no Greeters at St. Augustine Parish. It is hoped that some members of our community will choose to make this ministry part of their service to the parish as we continue to grow and welcome new members. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information contact the office or


The Hospitality Ministry is comprised of women and men who prepare the sandwiches and desserts, fruit and cheese plates, the coffee and the tea at parish social events. These parishioners provide the refreshments for the Social or Coffee Sunday mornings after the Masses, at Easter they arrange for and provide the feast for the Resurrection Party, and they coordinate the pot-luck dinner for the annual Christmas Decorating Party. It is hoped one day that they would provide the reception following funerals. This ministry of hospitality is a way of gathering the community and helping us to get to know one another and strengthen the bonds of friendship. Currently we are looking for a coordinator of this ministry. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information please contact the Office 613-225-7388 or email:

Lectors and Commentators

Lectors as Ministers of the Word proclaim the word of God in the assembly. Lectors do not merely read during the liturgy; they proclaim. Lectors prepare the readings through review and practice but also through prayer and reflection. Through their ministry Lectors open the Word of God to the assembly and give life to the words printed on the page. Lectors and commentators share their respective roles as they exercise their ministry in the community. Commentators assist the community by introducing the liturgy, leading the prayers of intercession and making the announcements. Their role in the liturgy is important as they call the assembly to worship, lead them in prayer, and make known to them the information and events which are of importance to them. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information please contact the Office: 613-225-7388 or email:

Music Ministry

Music Ministry is an integral part of the Sunday and holy day liturgy. Through the prayerful selection of hymns, psalm settings, and liturgical music, Music Ministers lead the assembly in sung praise to God. At St. Augustine Parish there is a Young People's Choir at the Saturday 4:30 pm Mass, an Adult Choir at the Sunday 9:00 am Mass, and a Folk Choir at the Sunday 10:30 am Mass. The Masses at Christmas and the Paschal Triduum are shared among the three choirs. New members are welcome to join each of the choirs. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information please contact the Office at 613-225-7388 or

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care ministers are members of the parish who are commissioned to bring the Eucharist, to the sick. Membership in this ministry is open to all who have completed a 10-week Pastoral Care Training Program. There are also the requirements or the Responsible Ministry protocol that must be met (a police check, references, etc). Pastoral Care is a ministry of presence, empathy and compassion. Through their visits Pastoral Care ministers continue the experience of community with those unable to attend the Sunday liturgy. This includes the elderly, the disabled, the dying, or those experiencing depression, are in crisis, or are bereaved. We, at this time, are looking to expand our Pastoral Care Ministry. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information contact the office or

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council, representing the whole parish membership, works with the Pastor to assess the needs of, prepare and implement programs for, and coordinate the pastoral life of the parish community. Elected or acclaimed, members of the Pastoral Council are parishioners of at least 18 years of age and in good standing with the Church. Members of this Council are elected (or acclaimed) for a two-year term, and represent a broad cross-section of the congregation. The Pastoral Council meets with the Pastor to ensure that the pastoral and spiritual needs of the parish and broader community are being met through the ministries and outreach programs of the parish. The Pastoral Council also carries out inquiries among the parishioners with a view to implementing programs and projects to meet particular needs, for example refugee sponsorship. The Pastoral Council also prepares and coordinates the Annual General Meeting at which a report on the pastoral life of the parish is made to the parishioners. The Pastoral Council a four times year between September and June, with additional meetings called occasionally, as needed. If you feel called to this work of leadership in the parish or would like more information please contact the Pastor at 613-225-7388 or

Pro-Life Committee

Members of the Pro-Life Committee actively promote the dignity and sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death through participation in diocesan and parish Pro-life activities, such as the Hike for Life, March for Life, and Rose Sunday. This committee organizes on-going education, works of service, and fundraising for pro-life movement causes and initiatives, for example the sale of Christmas cards and cakes, Pennies for Life, etc. Currently there are no scheduled meetings and there is the opportunity for more people to become actively involved in this important work of the Church. If you feel called to this ministry please or would like more information contact the Office at 613-225-7388 or

Refugee Committee

The Refugee Committee, working closely with Catholic Immigration Center and members of the parish, prepares for the arrival of and supports as new immigrants to Canada a refugee family. The members of this committee raise funds, collect furniture and clothing, and arrange for resource people to assist the family upon its arrival to Canada. It will be during the sometimes lengthy waiting period for the family to arrive that the committee carries out its preparatory work. Once the family has arrived the committee will work with the family and other volunteers for a year to establish this new family in Canadian and Ottawa society. If you are interested in this work or would like more information please call the Office at 613-225-7388 or email:

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)

The Rite of Christian initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a faith-based process of inquiry and discernment that spans the whole of the pastoral year and the cycle of liturgical seasons. Through a process of learning the history, traditions, prayers, and sacraments of the Church those who are engaged in the process journey to full membership in the Catholic Church through the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil. The RCIA Team members practice their Catholic faith, possessing knowledge and understanding of the truths of the Catholic Church, and are willing to accompany those who are seeking full membership and their godparents/sponsors on this faith journey. The RCIA team provides the instruction and guidance over a 7 to 8 month period, starting in the fall. Leadership manuals and resource books assist team members in presenting core material and those engaged in the process in their discernment. RCIA meetings take place in the boardroom of the Parish Office after the Sunday morning 9:00 Mass or a time mutually agreed upon by all participants. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults helps the people of St. Augustine Parish fulfill the mandate of Christ to make disciples and to evangelize. As a community we welcome new members and by our prayer together we bring them into the faith which sustains us in our Christian journey. If you feel called to this ministry, or would like more information contact the office or


Sacristans ensure the items used for the celebrations of Mass and Sacraments are clean and in good repair. Sacristans launder the linens used at Mass, ensure the candles are prepared, see to the overall cleanness of the chalices and ciboria, arrange, care for and dispose of plants and other decorations, and generally make sure that the sacristy and sanctuary (altar area) are clean and tidy. Sacristans make certain the environment for our sacred celebrations is a worthy one. If you feel called to this ministry, or would like more information; please the Office: 613-225-7388 or e-mail:

Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee of St. Augustine Parish works to provide food and other basic necessities for the poor in our neighbourhoods, working closely with the Deborah-Dynes resource center. Fund-raising activities, for example the Ham Dinner and Rummage Sales, enables Social Action to provide 84 Christmas hampers to the families of our community. They coordinate Operation Christmas Child which sends over 100 show boxes from our parish to children in developing nations. The Social Action Committee meets in the boardroom of the Parish Office on the first Thursday of the month from September to June for approximately one hour. If you feel called to this important work or would like more information please contact the Office at 613-225-7388 or

Stained Glass Windows

The Stained Glass Window makers are a group of dedicated parishioners who have taken on the task of providing for the parish stained glass windows to enhance and beautify our worship space. They learned the art of making these beautiful windows and share their talent and passion for this art form with the whole community. Each stained glass window is commissioned by a parishioner and created to order. Working from a comprehensive plan developed by the late Father Adrian Visscher, SCJ, the Stained Glass Window Makers create windows that tell the story of the life and ministry of Jesus and the church. This group meets in the parish hall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from September to June. If you feel called to this work or would like more information please contact the Office at 613-225-7388 or


Ushers provide the first welcome to parishioners and visitors to the church. Ushers create that important first impression of the character and spirit of the Parish. They assist people who have questions about the church, the liturgy, or practical matters (envelopes, parish registration form, etc). Ushers direct movement; distribute bulletins and materials for special events (candles) and collect the financial offerings and assist with the presentation of the bread, wine and collection.  Ushers ensure a safe and healthy environment and need to be ready to respond when there is a disturbance, illness, or other situation requiring special attention. Ushering at St. Augustine Parish is a long-standing Ministry of Service. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information please contact the Office at 613-225-7388 or

Youth Ministry

There is no organized Youth Ministry at St. Augustine Parish at this time. As the Parish continues to grow it is hoped that this ministry will be re-established. Youth ministry exists to bring young people into a new and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, liturgy, and service. Youth ministry is not aimed at "converting" young people as much as it is aimed at opening their minds and hearts to positive experiences of faith and the gospel. Youth Ministry (when active) is directed by faith-fill members of the community who have a desire to share the Catholic faith and belief in Jesus Christ with teen aged and young adult members of the parish in ways that are meaningful and accessible to them. Gathering the young people of the parish in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, youth ministry presents the gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Church through a variety of activities and media. Youth activities are generally held in the parish hall but may also take place in the church, depending on the nature of the activity or program. Ideally, youth ministry would be a weekly event at a time and on a day that was suitable for all participants. If you feel called to this ministry or would like more information please contact the Office at 613-225-7388 or